Passing the place we fell apart
Those were the lines drawn in the dark
You standing there,
Hands behind your back
Words left my mouth
Felt like a shout

Uneven at best when times were good
Now you've explained,
I've misunderstood
We're both faced with the aftermath
And everything matters

Drive away, a new life starts
Salvage history for the parts

I turn the radio on
I hear your favorite song
And it feels so alone
Like it's the very first time

I'm fighting for words
I don't deserve
You're thinking thoughts
I should have heard
You're ready to get through
And say we learned

You're steady, you've processed,
Thought this through
And all that you've fought has
Exhausted you
You're shaking your head over what was true
Now everything matters

We fall apart and it comes so easily
We're never moving forward.....
Just down and in-between,
Down and in-between

I turn the radio on
I hear your favorite song
And it feels so alone
Like it's the very first time

I turn the lights down so low
And I've moved on and Baby, now I know
What it's feeling like to be at home
And it's the very first time
She stands barefoot, staring at the lawn
Pen cap in her mouth, headphones on
And I'm the one who's broken
Laid out on the floor
Counting every tile, I swear
There used to be much more

She likes the way I talk
Always on my heels, tongue tied in knots
Instills a deeper meaning
In every word I say
It used to be a dream but now
It's just another day

I'm out of her head
She's out of my mind
I'm looking outside
For some sort of sign
An easy way out?
A reason to stay?
To give it all up,
So we can get away

What do you suppose?
What should I think?
Draped across the table,
Finger in her drink
Right above her shoulder, clock,
Falling from the wall
Time's moving slowly
We ain't moving at all

Well, she smiles and I shudder it's so
Awkward and succinct
I'm thinking it's over
And she thinks it's meant to be
She says, "Don't worry baby this'll work itself
out right"
Flip off the lights and close your eyes
We'll shine right through this night"
Wasted all these hours
On nights spent counting days
I'd of left if I'd of listened
Yeah, I'd have found a way

Telephone, Telegraph
Telegirl, Tell her that
You're miles away
But you're coming home today

The streetlights paint a picture
Neon lights do buzz
I searched for all the answers
To settle for... because

At the cathedral in that blue dress
As I stumble for the words
In these moments they escape me
But this is what I heard

You've got to sober up
Never let her down
You've got to make her laugh
You've got to be around
Cause you're miles away
But you're almost home
And you've given up
On being alone
I've got things that I still miss
Some of those things you used to do
One of those things I miss the most
How you used to look at me and now you don't

I fell out until I fell back in
And I've done things I once couldn't have said
And now these thoughts they hang in the air
They're everywhere

When I was broken down you'd say
Nothing has to stay the same way
But I was caught up counting losses
Looking for a bet to play
Cause I was out of luck
If only in my head

I don't even go outside
I don't even compromise
I've been hanging 'round, now you realize
I don't even go outside

I've got all this time to think
Some of these details you'd like to miss
One of the things you never think about?
How you used to love and now you live without

You threw the fight, but I pulled my punch
Split decision left us in a rut
And now this loss it lingers in the air
It's everywhere....

When I was falling down you'd say
The ground is softer than you'd think
But I was caught up strategizing
Looking for a plan to make
Cause I was out of luck
If only in my head

What has to happen here is not the same
And it will never be the same again
What you lost and found just to find again
All of the bridges you burned
The things that you learned
They aren't ever going to happen again,
It was always going to be in the end
You sounded so weird on the phone
The last time we spoke
I think that I'll be alright
I've given up on ghosts

I'm fighting every urge to speak
To make it through this night
I've given up things to believe in
Cause I don't have the right

What has to happen for you to be alright?
What could I say to give up this fight?
What did you think you thought I knew?
What could I give that I haven't already given you?

I love the way you sound in the morning
The first words you speak
Your voice is all gravel and sweetness
You ask if I'm asleep

Our room is all shadows and fog
Outside Summer blue awaits
My feelings never match up with the seasons
When the minutes feel like days

We stop. We pull our shoulders back
We brace for the attack
And the words they never change

I'll leave here; I'll leave it all behind
So much for "nevermind",
And the memories fade like miles
In my rearview mirror tonight
I'm done trying
It's burning up outside
Frozen underneath
I'm standing in her midst
She's further out of reach

Every time I hear the phone ring
I think there must be something wrong
Can't put my arms around the reason
But I know it's almost gone

Well, I can't talk
And I can't stand
Every time she looks my way
I hide my hands
Try to act the same
Cause where she goes
Heaven knows
She's in a different place
Isn't it lovely when she stays?

I'd take a decent reason
To give her everything
Then she'd have everything
That she could throw away
Cause the only thing mattered
Seemed to get me in my way

Stunning, beautiful
The season's on fire
We're out on Dune Road
I can't say I'm in control
Stunning, beautiful
The houses are bare
We're packing to go
I can't stay
She's sleeping soundly
Through the thunderstorms
Always surrounding
It's astounding
She's around me and I can forget

She's so lovely
Like the final, pale light of the evening
Morning rises,
I'm still falling and I've no regrets

I want to know
How I can save this
By just letting go
Cause it's hard to believe
And it's harder to fight
What you can't see

In an hour, in a moment
This all will be over
And we'll pin it, behind plastic
In places to keep

From apartments, into jobs,
Into yards, into families
So much changes,
Some things feel the same
But She'll always be

And the rain it won't stop
Or the ticking of clocks
Or the way that I feel when I know
She is gone
Nothing happens, everything stays the same
I've been thinking to myself these days
I've been wondering out loud, staring in the dark
Standing in the fire, waiting for the

When everything gets torn apart
Or so they say
And all your dreams are broken
But you're feeling the same
I'm out of touch or out of time

You say you're leaving
We both know you're gone
And the short of it's gone on too long
I'm tired of choosing sides
Explaining what I mean
Burning down the forest
Just to find the

I won't go
You won't stay
So it goes
Left this way, Left this way

Now I'm on my back today
Everything gets torn apart, the surveys say
When all your dreams are broken
But you're feeling the same
I'm out of touch or out of time
Summers built fences
You put up defenses
I cut myself out on the wire
Time left you jaded
Everything faded
Sparks all that's left of the fire

Angel, whisper my name
When you run out of right words to say

And I'm tired
Of letting you down
And I've tried; I've tried for too long

I remember how lovely
And sweet that you could be
When I'd make it home in the night
We'd stay up laughing
Took nothing for granted
Nothing between us but miles

We'll work it out, don't you worry
All things are lost 'til they're found
I'm wide awake, but I'm tired
Of letting you down

Don't walk away
Cause I'm here for you
I'm here to stay
Stay with me

Waiting out the weather
It slowly gets better
Everything works out in time
We'll make it through this
Though I'd never choose this
The truth somehow always reminds
Do you recall when everything meant something?
The only thing I wanted was back there
You believed this town might take me under
If I believed everything I hear

Do you remember when?
Thirty days of June
Felt like they passed us by
All in an afternoon

You tried to call my apartment
But I came home with the light
Warming my hands over burning bridges
Cause she's two hours ahead, I'm never on time

Do you remember when?
Thirty days of June
Felt like they passed us by
All in an afternoon

She's got her thing back in Tulsa
I'll do the time in LA
Each of us waits on the change
Thinking about the way
You'd look at me
Thoughts of loss collide
With what could be

Been waiting
For you to come around
I'm the one let down... and

I will be ever grateful
For every wrong move
Thank God
For every wrong turn that led me to you
Every wrong turn leads to you

Her breath was in the air
The leaves were letting go
The stars were dim against
The downtown buildings glow

Still waiting
For you to come around
I'm the one let down...
Every other Sunday at the Skateland South
I always end up with my skate in my mouth
Maybe this is the day
I could make some O.K. sentences
Well I might as well undo my laces
Because there she is

All marshmallow-white and bubblegum-pink
Her dreamsicle roller-skates circle the rink
And this pastel heaven
Just might last until 7:00 or 8:00
If my mom watches Falcon Crest
Sometimes she picks me up late

Hey D.J. play the one I know you know
As we roll across the carpet smooth and slow
Dim the neon nice and low
The next one is couples skate only

My friends bet their quarters that I'm gonna cave
But this seventh soda pop's making me brave
May be the black lights?
But the moment looks right to me
So I roll up like Romeo,
"Juliet, say, can you see that?"
Video game - it's Ms. Pacman 4
And one day I'll get the highest score
And I'll type in your name
I want to share all this fame with you
And we'll celebrate with a couples skate, or two
"Come to California," she said
From a cold phone booth
From a letter read
Slow burn on a Sunday afternoon

Crooked little smile
Golden Gate
The silence says it all
Words I'll never say
Resolve as I just turn and walk away

I know that trust can jade
I've seen the photos fade
The world's loss I'll count as gain
This Life stands still but Love will change

These breaking tides
Used to break my bones
Now I'll slide to the right and pull you close
No more long distance days or longer nights up in the Hills

Now the invitations and wedding cake
12 tuxedos, the dresses made
Is this all too soon? It's getting late...

I know that Love goes on
I've heard the end of this song
The world's loss I'll pass along
This Life stands still but Love will change
Saw you brush by in my head yesterday
Going through discarded numbers
In the drawer, that's where you'll stay

Thrown out old photos, tickets, remains
Prizes of the heart
All seems like clutter in the way, in the dark

Broken down Louisiana, August 9th
Jax to the left, you to my right
Haunted and divine
Worn and tired-nervous just the same
Never think of how one's to hurt
And one's to blame

It's not that bad - it's that hard
Floating like a cannonball
That's what we are
Tethered down like cable holding up this bridge
What we wanted, what we said, we did

Gravel to the dirt
You on my hip
Rear view mirror shifts, odometer clicks
At where we've been

Painted images receding
Deliberately slow
55-Outstretched arms divide
The sky from the ground below
On the subject of December
It's alright, I'm fine
The way things go don't always
Add up to the movie in my mind

She says, "lately the feeling's been easy
A place for it much harder to hide"
And maybe if I found a place to lay it
The dark wouldn't take it in the night
I'm in between what's wrong and who is right

I got fancy friends in Hollywood
Certain months that I depend
I got time to figure nothing out
When everything makes sense
You know I never thought I'd ever leave
The grips you held me in
No, I never really thought about the end

She been dreaming in remnants
Things collected along the way
When she speaks, she's got this rhythm
Kind of like Coltrane's "Blues to Bechet"

I've got everything I'll ever need
When everything falls down on me
I'm broken down and out of touch
Everyday more out of luck
How does it feel to swim in the great unknown?
How does it feel to rise above and still feel so alone?
Everything's clear: trust and love is all we need to know
Now that you're here

To watch you sleep
It turns me inside out
It's that subtle, little breathing
From within I've lived without
I need to know
If this thing's got two end(s)
Because I'm reeling from this feeling and I cannot just be...

In between and broken down
From down here it is so profound
I'd rather kneel than get knocked down
Spirit's sending the sound....end

How does it feel waiting for the call?
Yes, this is real - open up and finally take it all
Now that you hear the beauty of the sound
Pulling us near

Spirit's sending the sound, it's all-ways and all around
Spirit's sending the sound, it's all-ways and all around
I got these messages in my head
I miss you
I'm sorry for what I did and didn't do
You've given me a reason
Looking over my shoulder
No, I shouldn't have told her
But I did and I still do

In this time nothing changes
And nothing feels the same

In San Francisco I didn't like you
You were above me, I saw right through you
And in the morning, Russian Hill and the Golden Gate
Meet with me out in the sea
I'll be leaving soon

I guess I'll walk on
Down to the shoreline
Dodge some traffic along the way
It's in these moments, I'm so disjointed
Like I'm anointed to hurt for those afraid

(and) In this time nothing changes
And nothing feels the same
I'm not fine and there's a reason
I've got no one left to blame
Sunshine ceiling
Peaceful easy feeling
Soundtrack '75
Headin' out early
Breaking north of 30
Skyline framed by the night

Three lefts eventually make a right

she said, " Why's a guy like you on level ground?"
I've been up, but I'm finally down
This is my kind of town

Rolling in the grass
To the radio blasting
Young but we know what to do
Waves on the horizon
Time is on our side and
The things we thought but we didn't do

(because we know that...three lefts eventually make a right)
Wrapped up in a Lone Star State of mind
You were letting out your breath
Boxes barely found the floor
With our confessions left confessed
You led me out the door

As I was packing up my thoughts
I thought there must be something left
When everything I ever needed most of
I only wanted less

Somewhere South of me I hoped I'd
See something to recall
Maybe meet you in between, I'm sure of
Who you were and who you are

You saved a seat for me
With your favorite magazine
A little time out in the world they said would
Maybe ease the pain

Somewhere South of me
I hoped I'd see something to recall
Maybe meet you in between, I'm sure of
Who you were and who you are

The truth? I'm in a sad way
But it's really nothing new
I want to bring it back to someplace, somewhere
I guess we never knew
I guess we never knew

All this time... You've drawn the line ....I've crossed right through
Well, I guess enough time has passed
To accept the things we said
And resent what never became

I've been towing this line too long
It's the same old song
A worn out hit & run
I guess it's time to just believe

I remember the light broke through the shade
On your face
That August day
A shutter and a flash...then we fade

I don't want to be alone
But I'm always alone with you
I don't wanna be alone with you
The heart has gone missing
Just where is anyone's clue
I don't wanna be alone with you

Do you remember what you forget?
The words you said? Or how they felt ?
That's something I just can't believe

She always said it's all in the cards,
It's always hard, but always true
I never thought you'd fold
And we'd both lose

I fell apart if she don't recall
Ends the same but I loved it all
Always tried, never true
This time, making me feel like you do
She said, "it's over for us - thought you knew"
Collect myself, collect my things

Outside, everything's broken into
Inside the phone never rings-probably you
Wrapping up, locking out

Tied down like a button on your sleeve
Broke down like the bed we used to keep
Worn tired but I don't get no sleep (no more)
Ignored but I'm always on a stage
Soap box - banned me here for days
Belief and you -it's probably just a phase I'm coming through

In time, nothing will seem so severe
Right now, it's all that I feel
Breaking down, breaking out
If you knew, I knew too
These things can go on for too long
I was true, maybe true
Somewhere we got it all wrong

In control but always off the road
Ignorant but always in the know
I can't stop-never on a roll when I'm with you
In between leaning to the left
In love - never the one I'm with
Tow the line while I'm jumping off this cliff into the blue
I put on Ray Charles and we broke up
You were packed and gone when I woke up
I'm Glad love is blind cause' I'm not much to see
I thought that we'd climb that ladder for all eternity

She's fallen
She's fallen from above
She's fallen
She's fallen out of love..with me

"The Band" and the man on the radio
I've been getting over her so nice and slow
Hittin' all the places that we used to go
Hollywood, Silver Lake into Lyndero

Trust and Love and all that we've been through
Guess I'll keep our place and the rent, too
You know I never really liked this shade of blue
Something borrowed, something old and maybe something new

I'm asleep by the door
So if she knocks I might hear it
She broke my heart
She only sprained my spirit

She's fallen from above | She's fallen | She's fallen out of love..with me